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crazy free


1. How does hearing three perspectives—Kora, Emily, Pam—help to enrich the story? What differences did you notice in each one of the voices? Which voice was your favorite?


2. What are the main themes and how are they woven through the lives of Kora, Emily, and Pam?


3. Freedom means different things to different people because we all have unique struggles. What one person takes for granted, another cherishes. All three women had their own shackles. What were these issues and were they able to break free from them in the end? 


4. Rose and Kora formed an instant soul-connection and just seemed to “click.” Have you ever had this type of spark with someone like this in your own life? 


5. How did Kora cope with her problems? When you are feeling anxious, how do you cope?


6. Kora speaks metaphorically at times. What are some of these examples?


7. In what ways have women’s roles changed since 1960? Are there any roles you’d like to see revitalized in today’s society?


8. What are the similarities and differences regarding mental health in the 1960s versus today? In what ways is it better? Worse? Do you feel like institutionalization will ever be a part of our society again?


9. What similarities can you draw from Kora’s commitment in 1960 to life in 2020? How did you cope? Do you feel like you’re more appreciative for some of the things you took for granted before? 


10. Whether or not we are aware of it, everyone carries emotional baggage from the family we were born into. Can you even imagine how much pain, suffering, and tragedy our ancestors must have gone through? One thing is for sure: When one generation heals, future generations are positively impacted. However, if we believe that our deceased loved ones go to heaven and that their spirit/soul remains alive, does that mean we also have the power to heal past generations, thus creating a profound, overall regenerative effect on our entire family?


11. What did Emily and Pam learn from Kora? What did they learn from each other? If Kora’s soul could also be healed, what strength would she have garnered from Emily and Pam?       

copyright © 2020 by Tori Starling

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